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Midnight Fantasy PW24

RM70.00 RM70.00
Standard Delivery : Within - days

Usage instructions :

Apply on clothes. Store in a cool temperatures.

For external use only.


Esters,linolenic acid,ambroxide,patchouli alcohol,

Azulene,n-cetyl alcohol,ascorbic acid


Flammable liquid and vapour.

Keep away from heat /sparks/open flame/hot surfaces.

No smoking.avoid spraying in ayes.

Laboratory test:

Dangerous microorganism –not detected

(COA NO.:MBC -2014 -MR – 0305)

Heavy metals –not detected

(COA NO.:MBC -2014 –CF -0183)

Genomic DNA pig (pork origin identification)-not detected

(COA NO.:MBC -2014 –MB -0041)

Vitamin C –presented

(COA NO.:MBC -2014 –CF -0178)